FAA Reauthorization Could Come Up For a Vote

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Vote could hinge on whether last-minute attachments appear.

Politico’s Morning Transportation reported Wednesday that, “Commerce Chairman John Thune told reporters Tuesday that lawmakers have offered about 100 amendments to the FAA reauthorization (S. 1405 (115)), and aides are “trying to narrow that list of amendments down to a handful.” He reiterated that the bill could reach the floor next week at the earliest and that he hopes there will be enough cooperation to bring the bill up for a vote.

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The site also said, “Senate Commerce ranking member Bill Nelson (D-Fla.)” told a Politico reporter that as long as “we don’t have people trying to attach controversial amendments to it, we should be able to get it through, because the basic FAA bill is now all agreed to.” Nelson told the news outlet amendments are known to pop up at the last minute, especially when members are trying to get out of town.

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