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The next time you hear a buzzing sound on your job site, it may not be a power tool. It could be a drone.

Drones are quickly becoming a go-to tool on construction sites for data collection and analysis. They’re redefining workflows, saving time, and cutting costs in new ways. That’s why it’s no surprise that drone use on job sites has increased nearly 240% this year alone.

The construction industry is no stranger to inefficiencies. In fact, the average large construction project costs 80% more than budgeted and run 20 months behind schedule*. While that may seem surprising to some, those who work in construction know that it’s easy for a project to fall behind.

Often times, these delays are unavoidable. A client may be pushing for more control over a project, the weather takes a turn for the worst, or crews are overbooked. But other challenges arise as a result of aging processes and technology: waiting for safety checks before starting construction, out-dated information, or the painstaking job of collecting data on your project’s progress.

Drones help eliminate these inefficiencies, saving teams precious time and costs. Here are three ways drones could change the construction industry:

Automated Data Collection

Currently, pilots are required to monitor and operate a drone every time it flies. But what if all drone operators had to do is schedule flights and review data? And drones took care of the rest — navigating flights around structures and adjusting course automatically to create the most accurate map or 3D model possible? Drones will make site safety and monitoring smooth and accurate.

Watch our recent webinar to hear experts weigh in on the future of drones in the Age of Automation.

Seamless Integration with Industry Tools

Architecture, engineering, and construction professionals all rely on BIM software to design and manage a project. Integration with drone software makes the creation of 3D models even easier, leading to conclusive insights around progress tracking to design plans. From reducing project inefficiencies to recommendations for keeping a project on track, drones streamline every aspect of the process.

Explore DroneDeploy’s App Market to see more than 80 apps and integrations that you can leverage on your job site.

Highly Accurate Maps and 3D Models

Machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) helps drones identify objects and ground control points on site. A drone with the right software can compile instant insights before it even lands (see: Live Map). Site managers can measure daily stockpile volumes or detect dangerous areas within minutes — all without human intervention.

For real-time decision making on the job site, use DroneDeploy’s suite of tools to make instant area, length, and volume measurements.

These maps and models can drive smarter decisions and better collaboration between on-site and back-office teams. Just ask Ryan Moret, a Field Solutions Manager with McCarthy Building Companies. Ryan uses DroneDeploy’s suite of built-in measurement tools to inform his day-to-day work.

“I can tell how many square feet of roof we’ve put down, how much square footage of concrete is left to pour. If we’re trying to figure out truck access, we can measure the width of a road or gate or how much room we need to clear out for material to make the site clean and organized.” — Ryan Moret, Field Solutions Manager, McCarthy Building Companies

Learn about DroneDeploy’s new Map Engine—the world’s first machine learning-powered photogrammetry engine for industry.

The latest drone hardware enables construction companies — historically slow to adopt new technologies — to experiment with new workflows with relatively low risk. This year and beyond, drones are on track to be adopted on job sites everywhere. Keep your eyes on the sky. If there aren’t drones buzzing around your job site today, they may be taking flight tomorrow.

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