Using GoPro 7 HyperSmooth for FPV is Cheating!

The new Hypersmooth feature in the latest GoPro Hero 7 Black has been praised a lot, and to be honest, I was skeptical. I mean, from past experience, GoPro’s digital stabilization has the tendency to make shaky FPV videos look even worse! How good can HyperSmooth be?

I am completely blown away by HyperSmooth after my maiden flight! It can produce butter smooth videos even from a shaky drone.

It works so well without any effort, it almost feels like cheating! Seriously, I really don’t see why you would want to buy ReelSteady anymore (a video stabilizer for video editor). It’s that good!

This is probably the secret weapon of many top pilots 🙂 It’s new era where noob pilots can make professional looking FPV videos 🙂

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If you already have the Hero 7, make sure to get some Temper Glass protector for it.

Let me show you a quick video how well it worked.

The quad is a 7″ rig I built the last few days. The video you are watching, is the maiden flight. I didn’t know how good or bad the quad was going to perform. No tuning, all the filters and PID were left at stock (except I changed the rates).

The quad had some bad vibrations, and the 20MPH gusts didn’t help either. You can clearly see it has some jello in the footage, the vibration was even noticeably in my FPV feed.

I thought, why not give HyperSmooth a try and see how it deals with jello in FPV videos? Mind blown as I was going through the footage!

I mean, it makes it look like a really well tuned quad. I have heard lots of good things, but seeing how well this works with my own eyes amazes me even more.

Acrobatics like flips and rolls look natural, I really can’t tell digital stabilization was used.

HyperSmooth comes with a downside however, it crops the image by about 5%, according to GoPro. It’s not much, but noticeable. It’s not that bad if you use Superview.

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