Design: Martian II Frame 3D Printed Upgrade Kit

I designed some 3D printed parts for the Martian II mini quad frame. They are not going to make you fly faster, but definitely will make building and repairing more enjoyable!

If you don’t have a 3D printer, I am happy to print these you. You just need to pay for postage, material, and my time printing these. I will also put a IntoFPV LiPo strap in the kit.

These parts are not exclusive to the Martian frame, the buzzer/capacitor mounts works in any frames with standoffs. and the SMA and XT60 mounts might work as long as the design fits.

3D parts are printed in black TPU as shown in this photo.

I am printing on demand, so I might ship a day or two after the order is placed. Shipping with tracking is more expensive, but if you go with no tracking, there is nothing I can do if parcel is lost. Though it rarely happens, I’ve only lost about 6 to 8 out of 1000+ international parcels I’ve sent out over the years.

Make sure you pick the right standoff size. It seems they are sending out random standoff sizes nowadays, I got both sizes in a recently order. 5mm and 6mm, these are diameter of the thickest part.

I will release the STL files soon on thingiverse.

There are two versions, horizontal and vertical. Both require a small zip tie to hold the cap in place. It should fit most electrolytic capacitor used in Mini quad for noise filtering (i.e. 470uF, 1000uF and 2200uF).

It holds standard sized buzzer next to a standoff (buzzer diameter of 11.8mm to 12.0mm)

It has a 30-degree tilt angle for more optimal FPV signal during forward flights.

The XT60 mount keeps the battery wires away from spinning props.

With the battery pads located at the rear, I’ve found 7cm to 9cm a good length for the XT60 pigtail wires. And 14AWG and 16AWG are easier to work with because they are more flexible.

I’ve been testing and improving these parts for a while, works pretty well and really makes building and repairing easier 🙂

I was updating my tutorial “How to build a racing drone“, and I was rebuilding my Martian. I had such a great experience from using these 3D printed partsI just have to share it with everyone.

Why do I like the Martian frame so much?

The frame in these images, is the first Martian frame I bought back in 2016! It’s the oldest frame in my fleet and still going strong after all these years. Best $20 I have ever spent. Since then I went back and bought 4 more and I haven’t broken a single one, not even an arm. But I did bend a lot of metal standoffs which are cheap to replace 🙂

I have a coupon here, FiberRC, you can get it here for only $16.8 🙂

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