Review: URUAV Fatshark FPV Goggles Head Strap & Faceplate Padding

Let’s give your Fatshark goggles a fresh new look this summer with these colourful URUAV straps and foam padding 🙂 I couldn’t resist buying when I saw them. Apparently they also fit the Eachine EV100 according to other reviews.

Still wondering what FPV goggles to get?

You can also mix the color of the strap and faceplate padding by ordering them separately:

In the bag, there are the head strap and faceplate foam padding (velcro on the back, not doublesided tape).

It also comes with velcro sticker for older generation Fatshark goggles because they use double sided tape. The HDO already has this on so you won’t need it.

I really like the vibrant colour, it makes you stand out from other typical Fatshark users. You can also choose blue or red. Faceplate padding is Lycra fabric (not leather), not as high quality as the original HDO foam padding, but still quite comfortable to wear.

The URUAV head strap on the other hand is a bit disappointing to me, because it isn’t as stretchy as the original. With the original strap it’s easier to put the goggles on.

The strap uses velcro for holding the length, every time you want to adjust the length you have to remove the goggles from your head. That’s why I prefer the buckle in the original strap because you can adjust strap length easily even when you are wearing them. This is especially convenient when you are sharing your goggles with others.

With that said the URUAV strap is still totally functional. And I like the little holes on the straps for the hot sweaty weather 🙂

Want a new look for your goggles this summer? Take a look at these. Looking for the highest quality head strap and faceplate padding? These are not it.

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