National Drone Safety Awareness Week

What You Need To Know About National Drone Safety Awareness Week

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is calling attention to drone safety during National Drone Safety Awareness Week November 4-10, 2019.

The FAA will be partnering with the Know Before You Fly educational campaign, and the UAS Safety Team to get the word out about National Drone Safety Awareness Week.

The purpose of the week is to help educate the public about drone safety by highlighting how key sectors of the drone community are engaging with the public and spreading awareness throughout the U.S.

During this week, the FAA will promote your safety stories, successes, events and educational programs. Everyone is welcome to participate in this weeklong campaign, whether to engage the public in ongoing drone work, or to kick off new safety initiatives.

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Focus Areas

Each day, we will focus on targeted audiences:

Monday: Public Safety and Security
Tuesday: Business – Photography, Real Estate, Insurance
Wednesday: Business – Infrastructure and Agriculture
Thursday: Business – Commercial and Medical Package Delivery
Friday: Education and STEM
Saturday and Sunday: Recreational Flyers
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Check out the Stakeholder Playbook for ideas and inspiration.

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